Cloud HMS


Mobile computing platforms pushes the convenience levels to new trajectories while improving several key operational parameters.

  • Access all the reports and dashboards sitting anywhere on the globe
  • Check in and check out operation on mobile devices will enhance guest’s convenience
  • Seamless integration between web, computing engines and mobile devices
  • Remote capturing of housekeeping and maintenance records enables smoother operations
  • Highest security standards ensure confidentiality of information.
  • Enhanced agility in overall operations results in greater efficiency and productivity


Guest feedback plays a vital role in hospitality industry, which alone sometime, will have influence over the roadmap of the business. Utmost care should be given to capture, process and implement the guest’s feedback

  • Robust feedback management system to capture and process guest’s feedback.
  • Feedback capturing using mobile devices or URLs sent through SMS
  • Food review and comments at the restaurant.
  • Management can have direct access to the guest’s feedback.


Ever growing number of online travel agents poses the fresh challenges to the room inventory management. With the help ofCogwave OTA channel manager , multiple OTAs can be managed with ease, without any human intervention whatsoever.

  • Highly sophisticated distribution bridge to manage room inventoryacross OTAs.
  • Attract more guest during off season by enhancing web visibility.
  • Enhanced capabilities to reach new and different markets.
  • Drastic reduction in promotional expenses.