Scanner Interface

Photo ID and other documents can be scanned and incorporated into CogwaveHMS for various record keeping purposes.

Door locking System

Fully integrate door access system helps to automate access control operations using CogwaveHMS .

Guest Photo

Part of statutory requirement, guest photo can be captured using android or IOS devices and fed into HMS automatically.

SMS / E-Mail

Automated SMS and email to guest can be incorporated and managed using Cogwave HMS.

Thumb Impression

Biometric records can be captured and integrated into HMS solution for various statutory record keeping purposes.


Cogwave HMS acts as a central nerve system for telephonic system. Seamless integration with HMS helps to manage it effectively .

Signature Pad

Electronic signature pad which is fully integrated into HMS can eliminate majority paper work. It also enhance the quality of collected records.


OTA channel manager is fully integrated with Cogwave HMS reservation system and multiple Online Travel Agents can be managed with ease.

Tally Interface

All financial and accounting transactions can be fed into tally automatically. Which ensures up to date statutory records and aids in preparation of various tax forms.


Wi-Fi access control related tasks can be easily integrated into Cgwave HMS to manage it effectively.

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Order ticketing module can be seamlessly integrated with various third party display systems.

Energy Management

Various energy consuming components like lighting and air-conditioning systems can be controlled and managed using Cogwave HMS.