Cogwave Modules

Time and again it has been proved that, establishments with the robust information ecosystem are well equipped to enhance the guest’s experience while consistently achieving the higher revenue targets.

Thoroughly refined product modules, which are purely based on the client's feedback and industry standards.

Front Office


One of the critical point in hospitality industry which serves as the interface between property and the guests. Due care must be taken to manage front office to ensure excellent guest experience while maximizing the revenue aspects.

  • Intuitive, mobile friendly front office management module
  • Smooth 'check-in' and 'check-out' operations
  • Industry standard processes for effective front office management.
  • hotel management software on private cloud
  • Agile and robust IT ecosystem



Ever growing number of online travel agents poses the fresh challenges for the room inventory management . With the help of CogwaveOTA channel manager , multiple OTAs can be managed with ease, without any human intervention what so ever.

  • Highly sophisticated distribution bridge to manage room inventory across OTAs
  • Fully integrated with front office module
  • Attract more guest during off season by enhancing web visibility
  • Enhanced capabilities to reach new and different markets
  • Drastic reduction in promotional expenses



Cogwave PMS has inbuilt capabilities to handle POS billing transactions, which can rapidly increase the speed and accuracy of every sales transactions in restaurants and others shopping amenities within the property premises .

  • Completely integrated with other interdependent modules within PMS
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Clear and up to date accounting records
  • Seamless linkage with Tally and other accounting software
  • Embedded loyalty management capabilities can easily track and maintain customer loyalty.

Material Managment


Proven inventory management practices are essential to the smooth running of day to day operations. Cogwave PMS has incorporated industry best practices into its inventory module to boost overall operational efficiency .

Due to its open standards, Cogwave PMS can be easily integrated with any financial and accounting software like Tally. These capabilities can drastically reduce PMS implementation time while giving higher ROIs.

  • Lower inventory carrying cost
  • Can support 'Just in Time' inventory practices
  • Better control over movement of materials
  • Acts as a benchmark for inventory startegy

HouseKeeping & Maintenance


Well maintained rooms and other premises can have direct influence over guest's experience. Cogwave hotel ERP has best in class software algorithms in place to take up any complex challenges related to housekeeping and maintenance of the property . Since the entire architecture is powered by mobile technology platform , all the housekeeping information can be entered and retrieved using any mobile device running Android or iOS.

  • Complete automation of housekeeping and maintenance operations
  • Capture data using mobile devices
  • Fully integrated with front office and inventory management system
  • Minibar billing management
  • Room status dashboard and 'Do not reserve' rooms
  • Task assignment

Guest Interface


Technology revolution demands that the enterprises engage their end customers in the information chain to achieve higher satisfaction levels. Customers should be kept informed of when, why and what of every rupee billed

To enhance transparency and convenience for the guest , Cogwave Hotel Management Software provides intuitive interface, through which guest can track complete and real time information of their stay at the property using their mobile phones.
Using the same interface guest can even place orders without moving out of their rooms.

  • Direct and positive impact on guest's experience.
  • Unique selling point for the establishment
  • Provides edge over competitors



Flow of accurate and real-time information is critical to the effective business decisions. Every enterprise should have well built analytical engine to discover and manage the crucial information.

Cogwave PMS analytics will not only provide industry standard reports, but also shed light on new discoveries which decision maker had no chance of knowing it before.

  • 100 plus pre designed reports which can be customized by the users
  • Real time information flow
  • Reports can be viewed on mobile devices, sitting anywhere in the world
  • Facilitates new discoveries and faster decision making



Cogwave PMS has taken convenience to the new level through its KOT and display system . Automated kitchen ordering system can speed up food delivery time while enhancing overall dining experience. Due to its mobile friendly architecture , generic android /iOS devices can be made use to maintain minimal capital investments.

  • Complete automation of guest's food and beverage ordering system
  • Guest's can place order using their mobile devices from their rooms
  • Improved kitchen efficiency resulting faster delivery of orders
  • Effective loyalty management resulting in repeat business